Hold yourself accountable

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

A. Create a Personal Mission Statement for your life.

I think that we get so caught up in the minor details of daily life that we often lose track of why we’re here, what we want and, most importantly, what is our purpose. Manage yourself by finding a way to integrate your values into what you do. Write your own personal mission statement.

Example: “To live simply and give selflessly, and to work diligently”

Your personal mission statement doesn’t have to be profound or poetic – it just needs to convey your core values and define why you do what you do each day.

B. Assess yourself to able to Emphasize Your Strengths and Improve Your Weaknesses.

Nobody is born to do everything. We all have natural talents and abilities in some areas, and we all struggle in others.

C. Value Your Time

Do you know how much an hour of your time is worth? A Job or a career cannot tell you that, that is what they are willing to pay you, not what you are worth. Your are worth way more. Value you, your goals and your time by being progressively productive with your time.

D. Shape your social environment

Find a small group of Respectful, honest, honorable and trusting individuals to help shape your environment for success. ( make sure they have your best interest at heart. If you can’t find that support group reach out to myself and I will be more than happy to help. Use the power of influence to your advantage.

E. Set a schedule, not a deadline

Instead of giving yourself a deadline to accomplish a particular goal by (and then feeling like a failure if you don’t achieve it), you should choose a goal and then set a schedule to work towards it consistently.

I’ve witnessed so many individuals reach a breaking point because they’re just spinning out of control, exhausted and beat up. They focus all of their time and energy on low priority objectives, waste their downtime, or put other’s priorities ahead of their own, they desperately need a schedule. When creating a schedule, fill it only with items that will help you achieve a more meaningful and productive life according to God’s will first. Anything else can be delegated or deleted.

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