Validate And Understand Your Feelings

Facing an obstacle often produces a variety of emotions. Depending upon how you perceive the sudden hurdle you are facing, you may feel anger, fear, sadness, self-doubt, anxiety, panic, frustration and even depression.

One important life coaching step in overcoming obstacles is to acknowledge these feelings and your right to experience them.

It’s not imperative to understand why these emotions exist as the assumption would be to assign blame to the sudden hardship you are facing, but it is necessary to validate their existence.

Don’t fool yourself but recognize the truth, you may be worried, afraid or even discouraged.

By allowing yourself to experience these feelings you are not dwelling on them but simply acknowledging they exist. By doing so and compassionately checking in with yourself before attempting to move past the hurdle, you are in effect reorganizing for the next push.

Consider it part of the process. In doing this, you will clear your mind and body of the stress denial that suppression can create, thereby being able to focus once again on the importance of your goal.

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